Exciting Update to our Blog

I love writing; and I love teaching!
This is what has brought me down this path.

Call it ego, or call it a passion for imparting knowledge, I want to teach you and everyone that wants to listen, some of the things I know.

Over the years I have learned much. Many of those lessons have come at the expense of the people around me, and some have come with much love.

For some time I have wanted to write. I have thought about writing a book. But that takes too long!

So I decided I would blog – actually a friend suggested I should blog.

So here we go! In my blog I plan to be as honest as I can. Even when some of the writing may seem constroversial.

Anyone that knows me, knows I can be opinionated and pushy. And yes, sometimes that does upset people.

But I also believe in being respectful, kind and compassionate.

So, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And heres looking to the future!

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