About Leighton Oosthuisen

Leighton Oosthuisen is a professional dog trainer, photographer and writer. He has worked in the dog world for 30 years, and has served in the Military, Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue.

TV Consultant

Leighton is a consultant for the the NBC Channel 12 EVB LIVE, and appears regularly discussing dog issues.

Partners Dog Training School

Leighton is the owner, founder and Training Director of Partners Dog Training. With a staff of 35 full-time and part-time trainers, they train thousands of dogs every year in behavior modification, obedience, protection, snake avoidance, dog sports, dock diving, agility and rally. He supervises about twenty classes a week, thirty to forty sessions a day, monthly seminars and other events.

Dog Rescue

Leighton is a huge supporter of dog rescues, and donates many hours to the rehabilitation and training of abandoned dogs and their new ForeverHomes.

Partners Working Dogs

Leighton has been involved in training working canines since 1983. He has trained dogs in bomb detection, narcotic detection, search & rescue and personal protection. He has also trained dogs in handicap assistance, and lectured on the subject of service dogs in the home & workplace.


Leighton has a huge interest in photography; ranging from working in the movie industry, to shooting sports, people, dogs and other subjects. He has travelled all over the world capturing a variety of subjects on video and in stills. When he is not training, teaching or working, you can find him with a camera in hand.

Competitive Shooting

Leighton competes in USPSA practical pistol, three-gun and  IDPA shooting competitions, and has competed at the international level.

In 2013 Leighton was selected to Team USA, to represent the United States in the 2014 World Championships.


Leighton moved to the United States from South Africa in 1990, and currently resides in Cave Creek, Arizona with his wife, two children and countless dogs.

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